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La Sierra Breakfast

please use the item NUMBER when placing your order

Items marked (Y) are served all day all other items are served untill 10:30 AM

 #1- Burrito- Egg & choice of Ham, Bacon or Sausage       $3.89 with Cheese $3.99

 #2-La Sierra Beakfast- Hashbrowns topped with Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Onions, Bell Peppers, Cheese & 2 Eggs any style, served with chioce of Pancake or toast      $7.99

# 3 Pancakes- 2 Pancakes, 2 Eggs served choice of Sausage, Ham or Bacon      $6.99     

#4-Pancake- 1 Pancake, egg served with choice of Ham, Bacon or Sausage        $4.99

#5-2 Eggs any Style- 2 Eggs served with choice of Sausage, Ham or Bacon & Toast $6.99

#6-1 Egg any Style- Egg served with choice of Ham, Bacon or Sausage & Toast       $4.99

#7 -Pancakes- 2 Pancakes served with choice of Sausage, Ham or Bacon        $3.99

 #8-Rancheros- Eggs topped with Ranchero Sauce, served with Rice & Beans $7.99

#9-Omelette- Made with Eggs choice of Ham, Bacon or Sausage, topped with cheese, served with Toast       $6.99

#10-Breakfast Cereal- Hot Oatmeal or Cold Cereal served with Toast  sm $3.99  lg $4.99

#11-Breakfast Sandwich- An Egg with Cheese, choice of Sausage, Ham or Bacon  $4.29

#12-Home made Waffles- Waffles served with home made pudding, topped with strawberries or Syrup  sm    $5.99  lg 6.99      ( we serve waffles all day)

#13-Mexican Style Eggs- 2 Eggs scambled with Onions, Bell Peppers & tomatoes, chioce of Sausage, Ham or Bacon, served with Toast         $6.99

#14-Biscuits & Gravy- 2 Biscuits with Gravy, 2 Eggs & chioce of Sausage, Ham or Bacon  $5.99

#15-Texas Scrambler- 2 Eggs scrambled with Bacon, Ham, Sausage, served with Texas Toast    $6.99

#16-Chorizo Plate- Eggs scrambled with Choizo, served with Beans & Toast    $5.99

#17-Western Omelette- Made with Eggs choice of Sausage, Ham or bacon, topped with Cheese, served with Hashbrowns, Beans and Toast     $7.99

#18-FARO PLATE-2 eggs served with hash-browns, choice of ham,sausage or ham $7.59

#19-Fresh Fruit a bowl of seasonal fruit  $2:00 

 #23 Lena Breakfast Tacos. with sausage, eggs, scheese & crispy hashbrowns   $3.89

 24- CHICKEN FRIED STAKE & EGGS chicken fried stake covered with gravy served with two eggs, hashbrowns & choice of pancake of toast   $11.99



Western Omelette